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Mailing Address: 301 West Platt Street, Suite 441 Tampa, Florida 33606


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How to Send Your Pictures

When sending digital pictures, please be sure to send the original file from your hard drive (not a file that is copied off of an internet website- i.e.SnapFish, Shutterfly, etc - as the resolution will automatically be of a lower, unusable quality and your ad will not look professional).

We will gladly scan your pictures in for you at no additional charge. This will ensure that the pictures are scanned in at the required resolution and that they are free of dirt, smudges, etc often found on commercial scanners. However, if you are comfortable with the process and choose to send your photographs by email, please ensure that the quality is good with a MINIMUM resolution of 300 ppi. We cannot improve a fuzzy, distorted picture.

If given the option to reduce the files for email transmission, do NOT do so. Some programs (such as iPhoto) have a default of automatically reducing the picture size when sending. To avoid this from occuring, please select the option to send the pictures at their original size -- otherwise, the pictures will become pixelated and the quality greatly reduced and unusable. Also, make sure that your name/child's name/school is included with each email.

All emails should be sent to

If you choose to mail the actual photographs, please place your pictures in a sturdy photo envelope. Please include a note inside the envelope with your name, phone numbers, email address, mailing address, child's name and child's school. As we cannot improve the clarity of pictures, please ensure that they are of good quality. We are happy to accept original photographs, but recommend sending a high-quality copy in order to protect against loss and/or damage in the mail. Moments to Remember, LLC is not responsible for any lost or damaged pictures.

All mail should be sent to:
Moments to Remember, LLC
301 West Platt Street
Suite 441
Tampa, Florida 33606

All pictures must be in good taste. Moments to Remember, LLC has the sole discretion to refuse to accept any picture it feels is not in compliance with the above requirements.