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PICTURES CANNOT BE UPLOADED DIRECTLY TO THE WEBSITE. Your ad will be created by a professional at Moments to Remember, LLC after you submit your order, complete your payment (an invoice will be emailed to you along with a link for online payment purposes), and provide the pictures (and video if adding this optional one-of-a-kind experience) as described on our How to Send Your Pictures page.

If I Order a Customized Design, What Will the Layout Look Like?
FOR CUSTOMIZED ORDERS -- Unless otherwise requested, Moments to Remember, LLC will use its creative talent in designing your child's customized ad. If you have any specific requests that you'd like us to include (i.e. a general layout - you may also send us a rough draft if you choose, clip art, a special background such as stripes, polka dots, specific fonts, your child's favorite colors, school colors, etc.), please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

When Do I Submit the Message?
Please provide your child's personalized message to Moments to Remember, LLC when submitting your order.

Can You Edit My Pictures?
Photo-Editing is available at a small cost per picture (see Pricing for Additional/Optional Services page). This includes date/time removal, slight imperfection removal such as small stains, minimal eye-glass glare, and shadow reduction. It does not include major alterations.

How Do I Submit My Pictures?
See our How to Send Your Pictures page.

How Long Will it Take to Complete My Order?
Moments to Remember, LLC will make all efforts to complete your ad in a timely manner. Once your ad is completed, a proof will be sent to you via e-mail. Upon approval of the ad, Moments to Remember, LLC will prompty mail the CD and/or glossy print of the completed project to you (you will then submit it to the school) along with the pictures you sent (pick-up is available for customers in the Tampa Bay area). Ads will generally be completed 5-7 business days (often earlier) after receipt of all pictures. However, due to unexpected volume, delays are possible. It is strongly recommended that you plan accordingly and beat the rush!

Will My Ad be Used for Marketing Purposes?
Moments to Remember, LLC may use your completed ad for marketing purposes, either in-person or via the internet.